July 23, 2015

The Help Me Book Tag

This tag was created by BookGeekMovieFreak on Youtube. Click here to see her original video. Shannon from Adventures of a Teenage Bookworm tagged the book blogger community in order to spread this tag in the blogger community. 

The Questions:

1. You have a test tomorrow, but instead of studying you’ve been reading. Which fictional character do you call to help you cram for this test?
I would want Hermione Granger from Harry Potter to help me out. That girl is a genius and I'm sure she would help me study my butt off. Also if she could get her hands on the time turner for me, that would be great.
*Hermione knocking out my homework*

2. Payday is still 2 weeks away, but you are broke. Which rich character do you ask for money to help you out?
I would want Warner from Shatter Me to hit me up with some money. That boy doesn't need that money and I'm sure if I could muster up a power out of thin air he would take some interest in me.

*I would want to be like Storm cause she is a badass and my idol*

3. There is a burglar in your house, which character to you call to help you beat up the burglar?
I would want Aiden from the Covenant Series from Jennifer L. Armentrout to beat the shit out of that burglar. He is a badass, a great fighter, and very protective so I know he has my back.

*That burglar better leave or else...*

4. There is a spider/snake/something else that really scares you in your house. Which character do you call to get rid of it for you?
I would want Daemon from The Lux Series to get rid of that spider. Daemon is so protective, even over the little things, so I know if that spider scared me, it would be dead in a heartbeat.

*I like to think Daemon would be shirtless when he is killing that spider*

5. You’ve had a really bad week, which character do you call to cheer you up?
I would want Kenji from Shatter Me to cheer me up. He is such a funny and sassy character that you can really rely on despite seeming like a character just there for humor.

*I like to think Kenji is a funny muffin like Dyan O'Brien*

6. There is a zombie apocalypse going on, which character can totally handle him/herself in this apocalypse? Pick the character that would give you the highest survival chances.
Raffe would be the man I want. Raffe went through the angel apocalypse, I'm sure he can handle the zombie one.
*As long as he is funny like Gabriel, we're good*

7. Your house caught on fire, you need a place to stay. Which character’s house do you want to stay in?
This isn't a character's house so much as a place. I would want to stay at Hogwarts. Hogwarts would be the perfect place to stay. Who knows, maybe I'll become a permanent resident.

*I mean, come on, this place is perfect*

8. Because your house caught on fire, you obviously don’t have any clothes. Which character do you want to borrow clothes from?
I would borrow clothes from Rose from The Vampire Diaries simply because I want to look like a badass.
*I hope the dagger comes included*

9. You’ve been wrongly accused of something, which character can weasel him/herself out of any bad situation and can certainly help you get out of this pickle. 
I would want Harry Potter to get me out of the situation because all he would have to say is "I'm The Chosen One, I killed Voldemort" and I'm home free.

*I just hope no one slaps him*
10. You just broke up with your boyfriend/girlfriend, which character do you call to be your rebound. 
Cal from Red Queen can take me. I'm an a-ok with him being my rebound guy. He's hot and can bend fire. Good enough in my book.
*Who knows, maybe he'll end up with a hot scar*

So I tag EVERYONE. If you want to do this tag, go for it. The Internet is yours to do what you want, within reason of course.

*All GIFs are from giphy.com They did not sponsor this post or any of that jazz*

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