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      Just a quick random post that I felt the need to make, but I REACHED 18,000 PAGEVIEWS AND PASSED 100 FOLLOWERS (Google+, Email, GFC, and Bloglovin). 

      I cannot believe I have reached this mile-point. I would like to thank you all for your support and y'all should keep your eyes out in August for a giveaway in conjunction with my blog's second anniversary because you are amazing. 

Panic! at the Disco Book Tag

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      This tag was created by Liv @ Curly Hair Bibliophile. Thank you so much, Temecka @ Library of Tomes for tagging me. Panic! at the Disco was like my essence in middle school, which was a very dark time for me. So, onwards!

1. I Write Sins, Not Tragedies: A book you didn't understand/finish

Hmmm.... hmmm... I'm going to have to go with "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close". Not only did I not understand the book, but I didn't understand it. Everyone was like, it's so good, you need to read it, but honestly it was just crap to me. I don't want to hear the ramblings of a ten year old boy. No thank you. DNFed that book real quick.

2. Northern Downpour: A book that made you cry

Now, I have never physically cried because of a book, but "Maybe Someday" made me pretty emotional inside and in my heart I was crying. 

3. This is Gospel A book that made your heart pound/suspenseful

I'm going to have to go with "A Court of Mist and Fury". Like this book did things to me. I was soaking it up until the very end because I couldn't stop reading, I needed to know what happened in the end. And boy oh boy, that ending was intense. I damn near had a heart attack because it made my heart pound so much from the anticipation.

4. Memories: A book you attach with a memory

Just like Temecka, I'm going to have to go with "The Hunger Games". I remember in middle school, my friend Catherine and I would spend the morning in the library before homeroom either checking out books or actually reading books. Well, one series we decided to read together was "The Hunger Games". I remember we were checking out the first book together and we were running late and ended up running from the first floor to the second floor and made it in the classroom just as the final bell range. She ended up going to a different school later, but it's still a good memory. I think that's when I really started becoming extremely passionate about reading and antisocial.

5. Sarah Smiles: Your favorite love story

Gosh this is a hard one. I have so many ships and they are all dear and precious to me. If I had to choose just one though... I guess it would have to be Kat and Daemon from "The Lux Series". They are just so cute together and they will literally go to the end of the worlds for each other.

6. Victorious: A book with the best battle

It's probably the Battle of Helm's Deep from "Lord of the Rings". The intensity of the battle will forever be in my mind.

7. Girls/Girls/Boys: A book with your favorite LGBT+

This is hard cause I don't know if the ones I want to choose are actually cannon... Hmmm... Ah! Got it! Luke and Deacon from "The Covenant Series". Those two are soooo cute, I ship them so hard, and they are actually cannon.

8. Emperor's New Clothes: A book with a good cover change.

"Shatter Me". That's all I have to say.

9. LA Devotee: A fictional place you want to live in

I'm compelled to say Hogwarts from "Harry Potter". I'm sure everyone and there mother wants to go there too, but I don't think you truly understand how much I love magic and how disappointed I am by the fact that I am not a witch. Like, I really want to be a witch. I'm still waiting for it to happen to be honest. *It's gonna happen. Just you wait.*

9. Miss Jackson: Your favorite female protagonist

Alex from "The Covenant Series" is who I aspire to be. She is a badass, sarcastic, Greek demigod like thing, and can do things I can only fathom doing. Need I say more?

I tag... Emily @ The Paperback Princess and Cee Arr @ Diary of a Reading Addict!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

"This is Me" by C.E. Wilson COVER REVEAL

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This is Me. 
C.E. Wilson
Publication Date: August 11th 2016
Genres: New Adult, Romance, Science Fiction
Anthropomorphic Sentient Individualized Servile uniT 
Rogan is a robot. More specifically, he is an Asist – a personalized humanoid servant that provides protection, assistance, and companionship for a lonely young woman living on her own in the city. Chloe is trying to get her big break, singing at bars and clubs all over the city at night while she pays the bills as a substitute teacher during the day. Ever since she activated him many months ago, Rogan has been her beautiful, dependable, obedient, dead-eyed security blanket. 
One morning she is shocked when he disobeys a direct command in an attempt to please her and his dull artificial eyes flash a hint of something new. Is this the result of the adaptive Asist servility programming or is Rogan actually thinking? Can a robot think? Can a robot feel? 
As Chloe struggles with these thoughts she is blindsided by the singular Niven Adams, a handsome, confident man with the voice of an angel who is everything she’s ever wanted in a boyfriend. He’s the perfect guy for her, except for one problem. Niven doesn’t approve of Asists and takes an immediate dislike to Rogan. As Niven charms his way deeper and deeper into Chloe’s heart, Rogan tries to convince her that he is more than a mass-produced disposable servant. 
With Rogan doing everything in his power to prove that his thoughts and feelings are real and Niven trying to persuade her to abandon her robot and have a normal human relationship, Chloe is trapped between the two things that mean the most to her. Does she embrace her relationship with the blond newcomer, or face that her Asist’s feelings may be more than features of his programming? 
What really makes a person a person?
Is it a ticking muscle inside their chest, or is it something more?
Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000031_00001]

Author Bio:
C.E. Wilson was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, grew up in Millersville, Pennsylvania, and has been living in Pittsburgh since 2009. For the first few years living in Pittsburgh, she was an English teacher. Her first book, "Oath of Servitude," was published in 2012. In 2013, she quit teaching to be a full time author and hasn't looked back since. She loves spending time with her daughter and husband.


Sunday, June 26, 2016

Make Me Read It Readathon 2016 Voting

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      I participated in "Make Me Read It" last year, and honestly, this year I wasn't going to participate because with my summer program, I wasn't sure how much time I would have to actually get a lot of reading done. But, I have decided to give it a go anyway. It's towards the end of the program and I feel like it is a good motivator to get me back into the swing of things before I go back home. So without further ado, below are the details of the readathon and the voting.

What Is This Readathon About? 
Look at the books you own, either physical, e-book or ones you've borrowed from the library and pick out a few you really want to read, or feel like you should read. It’s up to you how many you pick, personally I'd pick a few more than you expect to be able to read in a week. Example: if you think you’ll only read two, pick out five books or if you think you can read seven, pick out ten. 
Make a list of these books on your blog, or make a video, or a Goodreads shelf or post a picture on Instagram—whatever is easiest for you. Then get friends, other bloggers/booktubers etc. to vote on which books you HAVE to read. 
When the readathon comes along, you read the books in the order of most votes. For example, if one book gets 10 votes—you read that first, then the one that got 7 and so on. If there's a tie, then it's your preference. The goal is to read as many as possible.  
When Will This All Take Place? 
The Make Me Read It Readathon will start at July 9th and end at July 16th. You can start once it hits 12am in your time zone. The readathon itself lasts for a week! 
Since this is an interactive readathon, there is about a month and a half to get some kind of initial post/photo/video/etc. where your readers can vote for which book you read! You can either have a poll, or just rely on the comments, have votes count more than once, honestly this is all up to you! If you plan to participate, make sure you have all your books ready for July 9th! 

What should I read???

The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly by Stephanie Oaks
The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater
Since You've Been Gone by Morgan Matson
More Happy than Not by Adam Silvera
Made You Up by Francesca Zappia
November 9 by Colleen Hoover
Do Quizzes

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Weekend Reads: 6/25/2016

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      So normally I do Friday reads, but I already posted a review on Friday (yesterday), and I didn't want to double book my blog, so I'm doing a Weekend Reads instead of a Friday Reads. 

      On Thursday, I finished "The Nightmare Affair", which you can find the link to that here. I read this book for the "Cover 2 Cover" book club me and Temecka from Library of Tomes run, which I will make an information post about that soon. (Also, tonight, June 25th at 7pm EST, we will have a Twitter chat using the hashtag #cover2coverbc. We will be making introductions, talking, and then discussing the book. Even if you didn't read the book, you should join the talk!)


      Getting back on topic, I actually rather liked "The Nightmare Affair", so I will be continuing the series with "The Nightmare Dilemma". I've barely read anything, but hopefully by the time this post is up, I will have read more. 


What are you reading this weekend? Tell me below in the comments.

Friday, June 24, 2016

"The Nightmare Affair" Quick Review

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Book: The Nightmare Affair

Author: Mindee Arnett

My Rating: ★★★ 1/2

Synopsis: Sixteen-year-old Dusty Everhart breaks into houses late at night, but not because she’s a criminal. No, she’s a Nightmare.


Being the only Nightmare at Arkwell Academy, a boarding school for magickind, and living in the shadow of her mother’s infamy, is hard enough. But when Dusty sneaks into Eli Booker’s house, things get a whole lot more complicated. He’s hot, which means sitting on his chest and invading his dreams couldn’t get much more embarrassing. But it does. Eli is dreaming of a murder.

Then Eli’s dream comes true.

Now Dusty has to follow the clues—both within Eli’s dreams and out of them—to stop the killer before more people turn up dead. And before the killer learns what she’s up to and marks her as the next target.

      So this isn't going to be a very in-depth or thought out review because it's not the type of book that needs one, if that makes sense. Starting off the book, I had a really hard time getting into it, and I think that had more to do with my mood and the stress of my summer program than the actual book itself. But once I had time and I actually really started it, I was sucked in. At first the really simple nature of the writing didn't attract me, but I learned to like it. Sometimes a book doesn't need to be stellar writing quality to still be entertaining and good. The ease of reading sucked me in and I really appreciated that. It also helped that I quite enjoyed the main character, Dusty. She has a real snarkiness to her that I liked and she wasn't perfect and knew it, something I can relate to.

      When it comes to the plot, it was pretty damn predictable. Like I predicted the bad guys really early on, but I think that's just me being an awesome judge of character more than the book. At first I wasn't sure how I felt about the plot, the magic, and the world-building, but it grew on me. I love urban/paranormal fantasy, and that's what I got. I'm still a little iffy on that whole Merlin/Legend of Arthur shit, but maybe I'll learn to deal with it. Overall, it was exactly the kind of book I needed to read this month: light, quick, and with a sarcastic main character. I wasn't planning on continuing the series, but I think I will now just because I want more books like this in my summer reading.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

TALKTIME #18: Respect Your Relationship with Reading

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WARNING: This might seem really strange to start with and you might not completely follow my line of logic, but if you can manage to track through it, I think you will understand what I am trying to say.

      So as I am keen to do with most of my posts, I'm going to start off with some background because I don't like you guys to go blind into these posts and thinking "what the hell is she even saying???". During the school year, I had some good reading months and I had some bad. After winter break, I had a long string of bad reading months until May came and I had a great reading month until I started my summer medical program in June and I have once again come back to having a shit reading month.

      During my really shitty reading months, I have often found myself trying to force myself to read. Sometimes this kickstarts my love for reading into high gear and I find myself soaking in a book with every spare second. But more often than not, I end up taking a hella long time to read just one book and I think the book is just alright or I straight up hate it. 

      This has led me to the conclusion that I need to respect my relationship with reading. Now what exactly do I mean by that? Reading is something that requires your complete respect and love. There are going to be times in your life where reading is your everything and it makes you happy and you genuinely enjoy the books. But there are also those times when you do read, you're reading because you feel either guilt-tripped into reading, you have to (whether it's for class, a review, etc.), or you just slowly trudge through the book because you want to read, but it just doesn't feel right.

      Last year I would have told you guys that I want to read as many books possible and that reading 100 books was a goal I just had to accomplish (which I barely did). But I have changed my thoughts since then, and I like to think these thoughts are for the best. Reading a lot of books is not worth it if most of the books I read are sub-par or I hate. I would rather read 20 really great books than 100 okay books. Reading should be about the content and the joy of reading, not how many books you read. Last year as a blogger, I felt my worth as a reader and a blogger was based off of how many books I read. I needed to read a shit ton of books and be like everyone else who seems to have all the time in the world to read. But I'm not like a lot of other bloggers. I'm a premed college student who frankly wastes too much time as it.   

    Basically what I'm trying to get at is that reading is something that you should respect and balance out. For me that means reading only what I truly want to read and not basing my worth off of how much I read. If you are one of those people who feel compelled to reading a billion books in a year, then by all means, do it. But you should really stop and think about what why you are reading and if you even love the books you are reading. Are you reading for yourself? Or are you reading in order to stay tuned with the booksphere? Think about it.

I would love to hear what you guys think in the comments. What is your view on reading? Tell me down below. 

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"Anomaly by Caitlin Lynagh" Guest Post

12:15:00 PM


Book: Anomaly

Author: Caitlin Lynagh

Page Count: 209 (Final Paperback)

Publisher: Troubador

Release Date: January 27, 2016

Could Our Lives Exist Within Two Timelines?

The science aspects and ideas presented in my book Anomaly (The Soul Prophecies), particularly the proposal of a new and separate timeline, have sparked discussions amongst science lovers, professors and students online. Although the idea is not new, the approach is, and it could explain Dark Energy, Dark Matter, The Expanding Universe and the conditions before the Big Bang. This new and secondary timeline is referred to as Nowtime in Anomaly, where Nowtime holds all cosmological information. The Saganist Wordpress Blog; Could Dark Energy be Another Dimension of Time? covers the ideas behind Nowtime in more detail.

      To give you a little flavour of what I’m talking about, here is an excerpt from Chapter Twenty Five of Anomaly…

‘I didn’t think I was going to get my journal back,’ she said as she sat back down. Kyle raised an eyebrow and drew her book from his bag. 

‘Here… I err… I added some more notes to it. I hope you don’t mind.’ 

‘Of course not.’ Sophia smiled. She took her journal eagerly and began flipping through it. 

‘It seems like I’m collecting books lately,’ Kyle said. Sophia gasped; her eyes widened and her mouth hung open but curved upwards as though she had been caught in the midst of laughter. He wondered if he should apologise for the mess he’d made of her work. 

‘This is brilliant,’ she said excitedly, almost bouncing in her chair. Her dark eyes gleamed with something that was both incredible and frightening. 

‘It is?’ Kyle said, slightly taken aback. 

‘Yes!’ she said and then she frowned at him. ‘Sit down,’ she said agitatedly. He did as he was told and took the chair opposite her.

‘This is exactly what I’ve been looking for,’ she said, leaning forwards in her chair. ‘One timeline that pushes everything along, another that contains every possibility.’ She looked at his notes again and nodded. ‘Yes, yes, this is perfect!’ 

‘It was just a passing idea…’ Kyle said. ‘I really don’t know how the mathematics would work.’ 

‘Ah, we’ll come to that later,’ she said, waving a hand in the air. ‘Each loop gets bigger as regular time moves forward because the information in the universe is growing, hence entropy is growing, hence the universe is expanding.’ Her words seemed to be jumping from her mouth. 

‘I’m not sure how you would explain the beginning of time with these timelines…’ Kyle said. 

‘Beginning?’ Sophia said. ‘There is no beginning, as you go back into the past the loops get smaller, the infinities get smaller and smaller, it’s like trying to reach zero by continuously halving down from the number one. It doesn’t work.’ 


‘That maths won’t work. But that’s OK.’ Her grin stretched wider. ‘I like your ideas but I don’t think these timelines have to be limited to the physical world alone.’ 

‘What do you mean?’ Kyle asked sceptically. 

‘Well, let’s put it this way…’ she began. ‘We don’t know if multiple dimensions really exist, correct?’ 

‘Correct.’ Kyle nodded. 

‘So even if they’re not physical dimensions, we can still imagine what other dimensions would be like if they did exist.’ 

‘Yes, I guess so.’ 

‘So they become imaginary,’ she said. ‘And I mean really imaginary, imaginary to us, like made up, in our minds, imaginary.’ 

‘Right.’ Kyle frowned. He wasn’t sure where she was going with this line of thought but he wasn’t entirely sure he liked it.

Science is not the only subject highlighted in Anomaly. The novel focuses on the human mind, emotions and life after death. Life decisions and where they may take you is also a key theme running throughout the story. The main character, Kyle Hunter, represents the idea that life may not always be kind and its ok to make some mistakes, but happiness is largely a choice, and you have the freedom to change your mind at any point during your life.

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like now if you had made different decisions in the past? Do you know that even your smallest decisions may have a huge impact on the world?

There are hidden messages and metaphors throughout Anomaly that are relatable to young adults and adults alike. Despite being classified as a paranormal fantasy Anomaly branches into many different genres.

About the Author
Caitlin Lynagh is a blogger, writer and author of Anomaly (The Soul Prophecies). She currently writes the blog series ‘Diary of a Young Writer’ where she discusses her experiences with publishing a book and gives out writing advice and tips. She won the North West Young Writers Grant and graduated from Keele University with a BSc in 2013. She enjoys learning new skills, and is always looking for her next creative pursuit.  Caitlin has traveled both to the Amazon and to Hong Kong, but spends most of her time letting her imagination run wild and tapping away on her laptop. Despite having long and unusual working hours she never fails to make time for friends and family, and above all else she confesses she is a stereotypical author who loves bookshops, reading and cups of tea.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

I Apologize for my Absence Yet Again

12:37:00 PM
It seems like I make these posts way more than I should care to do. But, it has to be done in my opinion.

So for those of you following me on my journey, I am currently in a Summer Medical Program at my college, and like I anticipated, I barely have any time of my own to read, yet alone blog. I know I could do some discussion posts and schedule them, but honestly I'm too tired to do that and I also left my idea book back home, so I don't remember what I wanted to discuss, even though I could come up with some ideas on my own.

Anyway, this is basically just another announcement that until this program is over July 14th, my activity level is going to be decreased, even on Twitter. For the most part I'm enjoying this program, but it's a lot to do and way more work than I anticipated.

In the mean time, I will have a guest post coming up on Temecka's blog, Library of Tomes, so be on the lookout for that!

Monday, June 6, 2016


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      So I haven't posted anything in 10 days or so and I apologize deeply! I've been busy reading an assigned book for my summer medical program and getting ready for it, so I apologize for the lack of material. Like I said before, I don't know how much I'll be able to read and post during these six weeks while I'm in the program, but we'll see. Anyway, before the program, I had a pretty Grade A reading month, so on to the wrap-up!

Books I Read

      So in May, I read 6 books, which I'm really happy about. This was my best reading month since probably January when I was on break from college. I participated in "Bout of Books #16", so that definitely helped me out reading and blogging wise.

17927395   23453099   12959743   29207686   
                      5 Stars                      1.5 Stars                      5 Stars                         4 Stars

17838528   22937957
                                                         3 Stars                        2 Stars
      Out of all the books I read, I loved, "A Court of Mist and Fury" the most, which you can tell by in the review. It just did so many things to my heart and filled me with emotions. Like, I loved it so much. I can't wait to read the next book. It better be like 800 pages long. And then, clearly my least favorite book was "Eileen". This books was so dumb, had zero plot, and just was overall shit.

My Blog Posts

      I made 11 posts in May, which isn't too bad. That definitely could have been higher since I wasn't actually doing all that much, but hey, I needed a break to just relax, watch tv, and get my whits about me. 

My Favorite Post: "A Court of Mist and Fury" Review. Quality wise, it wasn't the greatest, but when I wrote it, I was feeling so much and the words just flowed right out of me. 

Virtual Hugs

      This month's Virtual Hugs goes to Emily @ The Paperback Princess. She's always commenting on my posts, and just being a sweet person. I also really loved her blog posts, especially her post on fanfiction which inspired me to write my own response


      I didn't really do all that much. Well, not true exactly. The first week of May I had my last exams and finished my first year of college. I could have done a lot better, but I've accepted how I did. Those exams were for classes that are no longer a part of my major and I wasn't passionate about them to begin with, so it's okay. I got back home from exams and in order to get back into the swing of reading, I participated in Bout of Books. Other than that, I really have just been watching tv and hanging out with my best friend. In addition, I also saw Captain America: Civil War and X-Men: Apocalypse.

My Rating System

★★★★★ This book is a gift from the literary gods
★★★★ This book was pretty damn good
★★★ This book had potential but missed the bar
★★ I probably didn't finish this book or it was god awful
★ Why does this book exist?



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