June 19, 2016

"Anomaly by Caitlin Lynagh" Guest Post


Book: Anomaly

Author: Caitlin Lynagh

Page Count: 209 (Final Paperback)

Publisher: Troubador

Release Date: January 27, 2016

Could Our Lives Exist Within Two Timelines?

The science aspects and ideas presented in my book Anomaly (The Soul Prophecies), particularly the proposal of a new and separate timeline, have sparked discussions amongst science lovers, professors and students online. Although the idea is not new, the approach is, and it could explain Dark Energy, Dark Matter, The Expanding Universe and the conditions before the Big Bang. This new and secondary timeline is referred to as Nowtime in Anomaly, where Nowtime holds all cosmological information. The Saganist Wordpress Blog; Could Dark Energy be Another Dimension of Time? covers the ideas behind Nowtime in more detail.

      To give you a little flavour of what I’m talking about, here is an excerpt from Chapter Twenty Five of Anomaly…

‘I didn’t think I was going to get my journal back,’ she said as she sat back down. Kyle raised an eyebrow and drew her book from his bag. 

‘Here… I err… I added some more notes to it. I hope you don’t mind.’ 

‘Of course not.’ Sophia smiled. She took her journal eagerly and began flipping through it. 

‘It seems like I’m collecting books lately,’ Kyle said. Sophia gasped; her eyes widened and her mouth hung open but curved upwards as though she had been caught in the midst of laughter. He wondered if he should apologise for the mess he’d made of her work. 

‘This is brilliant,’ she said excitedly, almost bouncing in her chair. Her dark eyes gleamed with something that was both incredible and frightening. 

‘It is?’ Kyle said, slightly taken aback. 

‘Yes!’ she said and then she frowned at him. ‘Sit down,’ she said agitatedly. He did as he was told and took the chair opposite her.

‘This is exactly what I’ve been looking for,’ she said, leaning forwards in her chair. ‘One timeline that pushes everything along, another that contains every possibility.’ She looked at his notes again and nodded. ‘Yes, yes, this is perfect!’ 

‘It was just a passing idea…’ Kyle said. ‘I really don’t know how the mathematics would work.’ 

‘Ah, we’ll come to that later,’ she said, waving a hand in the air. ‘Each loop gets bigger as regular time moves forward because the information in the universe is growing, hence entropy is growing, hence the universe is expanding.’ Her words seemed to be jumping from her mouth. 

‘I’m not sure how you would explain the beginning of time with these timelines…’ Kyle said. 

‘Beginning?’ Sophia said. ‘There is no beginning, as you go back into the past the loops get smaller, the infinities get smaller and smaller, it’s like trying to reach zero by continuously halving down from the number one. It doesn’t work.’ 


‘That maths won’t work. But that’s OK.’ Her grin stretched wider. ‘I like your ideas but I don’t think these timelines have to be limited to the physical world alone.’ 

‘What do you mean?’ Kyle asked sceptically. 

‘Well, let’s put it this way…’ she began. ‘We don’t know if multiple dimensions really exist, correct?’ 

‘Correct.’ Kyle nodded. 

‘So even if they’re not physical dimensions, we can still imagine what other dimensions would be like if they did exist.’ 

‘Yes, I guess so.’ 

‘So they become imaginary,’ she said. ‘And I mean really imaginary, imaginary to us, like made up, in our minds, imaginary.’ 

‘Right.’ Kyle frowned. He wasn’t sure where she was going with this line of thought but he wasn’t entirely sure he liked it.

Science is not the only subject highlighted in Anomaly. The novel focuses on the human mind, emotions and life after death. Life decisions and where they may take you is also a key theme running throughout the story. The main character, Kyle Hunter, represents the idea that life may not always be kind and its ok to make some mistakes, but happiness is largely a choice, and you have the freedom to change your mind at any point during your life.

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like now if you had made different decisions in the past? Do you know that even your smallest decisions may have a huge impact on the world?

There are hidden messages and metaphors throughout Anomaly that are relatable to young adults and adults alike. Despite being classified as a paranormal fantasy Anomaly branches into many different genres.

About the Author
Caitlin Lynagh is a blogger, writer and author of Anomaly (The Soul Prophecies). She currently writes the blog series ‘Diary of a Young Writer’ where she discusses her experiences with publishing a book and gives out writing advice and tips. She won the North West Young Writers Grant and graduated from Keele University with a BSc in 2013. She enjoys learning new skills, and is always looking for her next creative pursuit.  Caitlin has traveled both to the Amazon and to Hong Kong, but spends most of her time letting her imagination run wild and tapping away on her laptop. Despite having long and unusual working hours she never fails to make time for friends and family, and above all else she confesses she is a stereotypical author who loves bookshops, reading and cups of tea.

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