July 29, 2015

TALKTIME #6: You Don't Have to Read

TALKTIME #6: You Don't Have to Read

      So this summer, I had these grand plans in my head that I would read a crap ton of books since I have no life and I don't really do anything. Well that didn't happen. I mean, I am still reading, just not quite as much as I anticipated. Anyway, during this month of July, my reading was a bit slow. I went without picking up a book many days at a time. I opted for Netfix, Youtube, and Vine over reading. And I began feeling really bad. I started thinking about pressuring myself to read. Then a thought crossed my mind. Why am I forcing myself ?
      You do not have to read. You don't owe yourself or anyone the act or reading. Reading is something you should enjoy and want to do. This community is supposed to be based on the passion of reading, and if you are forcing yourself to read it, you're not really passionate about it. I know sometimes it feels like you have to read that book on your shelf that has been there for months or the superhyped book. Guess what. You don't have to read. There are people all over the world who live normal, functioning lives that don't read anywhere as much as we do.

      If you want to read. Read. If you don't want to read. Don't. You are in charge of your life. You get to choose how you spend your time and how you enjoy. If you want to binge watch Netflix instead of read, go for it. No one is making you read. You are putting pressure on yourself to read when you don't have to. Being a reader doesn't mean you have to read all the time. If you choose what to read and when to read it without any outside or internal pressure, I promise you that'll you'll be way happier.

      What do you guys think? Do you often pressure yourself to read? Do you feel bad if you don't read? I want to hear your thoughts.

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  1. I totally needed this! I always feel like I have to read because I need to keep reviews coming, but I shouldn't force myself if I'm not in the mood.

    1. Glad I could help! I feel the same way too sometimes. I keep thinking I need a steady stream of reviews, but then I realize forcing myself to read doesn't do me any good.


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