July 31, 2015

"Like Candy" Little Review


Book: Like Candy

Author: Debra Doxer

Format: ARC

My Rating: ★★★

Synopsis: Revenge is sweet, just like candy.

Candy Seaborne knows she’s badass. She takes after her father, an assassin and possibly a spy, although he won’t admit to either. She idolizes him. Her dream is to follow in his footsteps. But first, she has to finish high school.

Biding her time, waiting for real life to begin, Candy craves drama and isn’t above manufacturing some. If you’re a classmate who wronged her or a boyfriend who cheated, watch your back. She’s no pushover, and revenge may be her favorite pastime. 

Jonah Bryson is the senior class heartthrob who breaks all the stereotypes. He’s a jock, but he isn’t the typical player. He’s moody and antisocial. No girl has gotten anywhere with him since his last girlfriend broke his heart.

Candy sees Jonah as a challenge and the perfect distraction. But she may be in over her head because unlike everyone else, Jonah isn’t buying her tough act. He sees the lost, lonely girl inside. He sees too much. When he looks at her that way, she wants to let her guard down and be vulnerable. But that’s the last thing she should do because her father’s world is spilling over into hers, and life is about to get real much sooner than Candy expected.

      I'm not really sure what to say for this review. I really liked it and enjoyed it, but I had my problems with it. The main one being the plot. At times, it seemed like there was no plot and the story was heading nowhere. Then something would happen, and I would get excited but it wouldn't go anywhere. I think it was because the plot was almost divided. It had the potential to be a cute contemporary, and then it ha the potential to be a spy book. For the most part it was a cute contemporary, I really liked the interactions between Candy and Jonah. They were both separately intriguing characters, and together a great pair. I really shipped them until some events occurred... The contemporary aspect seemed to derail towards the end of the book, and I wasn't a fan of this aspect. I think the book alone should have focused on the contemporary aspect. Forget the spy stuff and the sketchy stuff her dad does. Scratch that out and give me the chemistry between these two characters.

      One thing I really respected and appreciated was how the author raised awareness for CREST (Scleroderma). Most young adult books focus on pretty mainstream diseases or cancer and I think it is cool that she highlighted something not very popular and something she herself has.

[Side note: Isn't the cover gorgeous???]

Thank you Netgalley for providing me a copy of this book.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear this book wasn't quite what you were looking for. The idea for the book sounds interesting, though. (Who doesn't love spy books and cute contemporaries?!) I agree that the cover is total . . . EYE CANDY! Haha, sorry I had to.

    Julia Anne @ Peach Print

    1. Yeah the concept was really interesting, it just didn't deliver like I wanted it to. Haha oh puns.


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