Monday, July 18, 2016

"Make-Me-Read-It" Readathon WRAP UP


      Welp, I did a pretty shitty job of updating you guys on my reading after Day 2, but I'm not even remotely sorry. I totally forgot that I was supposed to be updating you all. I didn't stop reading though, so I'm pretty proud of myself for that.

     This readathon could have been a lot better, but it could have also been a lot worse. Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with the amount of reading I got done. Onwards to the wrap up!

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                2.75 Stars                         DNFed                          3 Stars                            5 Stars

      I'm not going to go into details on what I thought, I'll leave that for my actual reviews and monthly wrap up, but I think it's clear that November 9 was my favorite and I was not a fan of Since You've Been Gone.

For those of you who participated in the readathon, how did you do? Hopefully a lot better than me.

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