July 2, 2016


      So June.... hahahahahhahaha. June was not a good reading month. Like at all. With my summer medical program, I didn't accomplish shit. I read 2 books...yeah...

Books I Read

43641            15794940
                                                     1.5 Stars                                  3.5 Stars

      Well out of the two books that I did read, I liked "The Nightmare Affair" the most, clearly. It wasn't the greatest quality wise, but it was still entertaining, far more than "Water for Elephants". That book was not good... at all. You can read my quick thoughts on "The Nightmare Affair" here which was the book we read as a part of the "Cover 2 Cover" Book Club me and Temecka from Library of Tomes started (which you should totally join here if you haven't already).  

My Blog Posts

       I had 11 posts on my blog (same as last month coincidentally enough) as well as 1 guest post that I wrote on Temecka's blog. Considering that during this month I had the summer program, I am actually pleasantly surprised that I had this many posts done. Also, I passed 18,000 pageviews and 100 followers, which made me really happy.

My Favorite Post: It was without a doubt the LGBT+ guest post I wrote on Temecka's blog which you can read here. It was something that I really care about and felt like I put the most heart in. 

Virtual Hugs

      This month I'm giving hugs to.... myself.

      WHAT??? I know you guys must think I am crazy, but this month I am hugging myself. This was a very testing month I got through it. With the summer medical program and just all the other shit that's been thrown my way, I've managed to keep my mentality partially intake, so I deserve a hug.


      I haven't really done much personally besides the summer medical program, which I have mixed thoughts on. I'm glad to have this opportunity and being in the hospital, shadowing, learning more about med school and the admissions process is really cool, but the classes and homework are draining me, I really don't like people and these people are testing my patience, and I hate this damn group paper and powerpoint I have to do. *Deep breath* The program is almost done now, so soon I'll be home, I can relax for one month before school starts back again.

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  1. Ha, if you wanna give yourself hugs go right on ahead - you deserve it! XD

  2. I'm sorry that Water for Elephants sucked so bad. I really need to stop picking our buddy read books.
    I'm really pleased with the Nightmare Affair. I'm glad it was our book for June!

    1. It is fine. Even if the books were bad, I'm just glad to have been reading and had someone to talk to. I was very pleased too!

  3. High five for making it through that medical program!! That sounds crazy hahaha!

  4. High five for making it through that medical program!! That sounds crazy hahaha!


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