Friday, July 1, 2016

Friday Reads: 7/1/2016

I've kinda gotten back into the swing of reading, kinda... not really. I don't know.

My summer program has a little less than two weeks left, thank goodness. Like I'm greatful to have gotten the opportunity and learn and shadow and overall just be exposed to the medical field, but I'm tired of waking up and learning during the summer. I want to sleep in until late in the afternoon and be able to read and watch as much tv as possible. Anyway... on to what I'm reading.

The first book I'm reading is "The Nightmare Dilemma". I'm ticking my way through this book. My goal is to finish the book sometime this weekend, possible tonight or tomorrow. As far as what I think, I like it, but not as much as the first book, at least at the halfway point. I just started the second half of the book and things are definitely picking up and shit is happening, so we'll see what I think in the end.


The other book I started is....drumroll.... "The Raven Boys". I'm finally picking up this book. Well kinda. I'm actually listening to it on audiobook. Technically this book is a part of the "Make-Me-Read-It" Readathon that doesn't start until the 9th, but my friend Temecka from Library of Tomes told me this is the type of book you shouldn't read at once and should drag out, so I'm starting it now so that I can finish it on the first day of the readathon. Right now I'm about 17% in. It seems like it could be interesting, but right now it's kinda boring me. Hopefully it picks up.


What are you guys reading this weekend? Have you read any of the books I am currently reading? Tell me your thoughts down in the comments!


  1. I hope you really really like The Raven Boys! It can start off slow but it's a really unique book in the sense that it's a fantasy that's not very action packed. I think it kind of works.

    1. Hopefully I will like it and I will definitely keep all of that in mind!

  2. I'm glad you're getting back into your reading groove bit by bit! Oh, and I just love the sound of The Raven Boys. I haven't read it myself yet, though D:

    1. Thank you! If I like it, I'll definitely let you know if you should read it. XD

  3. Is that... Is that gif Napoleon riding a penguin...? Or have I been working too hard? XD

    1. Hahah yes it is! I don't know why I added it, but it's something you don't see everyday. XD


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