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TALKTIME #14: Owning All the Books in a Series

TALKTIME #14: Owning All the Books in a Series

      What I'm about to tell you, is weird, and I acknowledge that. Y'all are probably going to be like 'what??????'. But I'm going to tell you anyway. This post is going to be about my book buying habit when it comes to owning all the books in a series. So prepare yourself...

I'm probably overreacting, but what can I say, I'm one for dramatics. 

      So let's say I buy the physical first book in a series, and I like it. I like it a whole lot. This book is golden and it has filled a void in my soul that I didn't know existed. I finish the book and I need to read the second one. I need to know what happens next in the series. Am I going to go buy the next physical book in the series? Nope.

      Yeah... I will buy the first book in the series, but then I will get the Kindle edition or go to the library for the rest of the series until I have completed finished the series. Why you may ask? Because I have issues. We are going to use "Shatter Me" for example. I bought the first book cause everyone and their mother said it was fantastic. I read it. I loved it. But I did not buy the second book. Or the third. My best friend Neesha had the rest of the books in the series so I borrowed them from her. I read the second book. I really loved it. More than the first book actually. I read the third book. I did not love it. I barely liked it. So did I go out and buy the second book since I liked it? Nope. I only have the first book.

      For me, I usually only buy the physical book of a series as a reminder of the series, especially if I liked it. There are so many series where I only own the first book because it is the only book in the series I really want to own. Most of the time, I don't see myself reading the entire series again, but I want a keepsake of the series in the form of the first book. I want a reminder of my shelf that I read the series and for the most part liked it. Some examples: Shatter Me, Angelfall, The Da Vinci Code, Vampire Academy, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (yeah, I know that isn't the first book, fight me) the list goes on and on. There are some exceptions to this though. 

       There are two series where I own all the books to the series. In fact I bought the entire series before I had even read the first book. Yeah I was really off my rocker. Here's the kicker. They are both from the same author.

       Who is this author that Sierra somehow managed to break her book buying habit for? None other than...

Jennifer L. Armentrout
      Why you might ask? Well one day I was in Barnes & Noble and I had a gift card. I saw "The Lux Series" and I decided, what the hell, let's buy the collector's editions (this is even before the last book came out). I bought them and I loved them. Then when the last book came out, I bought that before I had even read it. CRAZY I KNOW!!! No other author had ever had the effect on me, but I just couldn't stop myself. 

      I soon discovered she wrote a Greek mythology series, the "Covenant Series" and on a whim I bought the entire series on Amazon. Hey, the books were only like $6 per book, so I though, why not? I even bought the novellas, and I NEVER buy novellas. Boy oh boy was I glad that I bought the entire series because I consumed them. After I read it I let my best friend Neesha read it. She consumed that too and for awhile it was all we could talk about.

      Basically, for the most part I only own the first book in the series I read. I don't know, I just feel weird owning the entire series, especially if I don't particularly like some of the books in the series. But this year I'm going to try to change that a bit. I want to own more series (despite my shelves telling me 'no Sierra, you don't have space'). I'm hoping that I come across more series that make me want to impulsively buy their entirety. I want to fall in love with series again like I did with "Lux" and "Covenant". ('No you don't,' says my bank account) 

So what do you guys think of my strange habit? Do you guys find yourself having similar book buying habits? I want to hear all about it in the comments. 


  1. Ha, do what makes you happy! :) Personally, I don't give it much thought. I might buy a book from mid-way in the series, without owning any of the others, just 'cause I want to read it. But then, sometimes I start with book 3, go back to book 1, and then move on to book 7 (She's a rebel, she's a saiiinnnttt.... ah, showing my age.) :D

    1. Haha that's a strange buying habit as well. But hey, as you said, whatever makes you happy.

    2. yeah... I think it's what happens when you're generally motivated by 'ooh! shiny!' :D

  2. I'm the same way! My book buying habits are all over the place. For example, for the Selection series, I got the first book as an ebook, bought the physical second book and then borrowed the last book. It takes a really good series to make me want to buy all the physicals.

    1. Oh my gosh I'm not alone!!!! But yeah, the series has to be hella good for me to throw money at physical copies.


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