Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday Reads: 2/5/16

So it's been a helllaa long time since I have done a Friday Reads, but I feel like I need to do these more often so y'all can know what I'm reading on a weekly basis, cause I don't always write reviews for the books I read.

Currently Reading: Red Rising by Pierce Brown


Thoughts: So I am buddy reading this with Temecka from "Library of Tomes" and I'm only about 10% in. I was supposed to read more this week, but I was just so busy with studying for tests and do labs. And then the time I did have to read, I didn't really feel like reading and hung out with my friends. But for the parts that I have read, I have mixed feelings. There seems to be a lot of fantasy, like it seems really heavy on that, and I'm not sure if I'm ready to commit to that. I'm having a difficult time reading it at the pace I want to read because it's some heavy shit.

Right now I am not a huge fan of the main character. He seems dumb and I don't like the relationship he has with his wife. I'm interested to see where the book goes and if I enjoy it more because a lot of people like this book.

So what are you guys reading? Tell me all about it in the comments down below.


  1. I'm also reading Red Rising! *joking laugh*. Actually, I'm writing my story for the week for my school newspaper, so I actually haven't started reading yet. lol. I think we have about the same feelings for the book, and honestly, I don't think my brain is reading for the commitment but I'm up for the challenge!!

    1. Haha, I hope writing your story goes better than us reading Red Rising.

  2. I started reading this a few weeks ago and couldn't get through more than like 6 chapters for this same reason. I just don't think I'm ready for the commitment yet... I'll probably read it over summer where I have a lot more time

    1. Glad I'm not the only one with feelings like this towards the book.

  3. I heard a lot about Red Rising! I think there's also a sequel...? but I'm not sure >.<
    Anyway, hope you enjoy it loads, and it gets better! :D

    1. Yeah it's a trilogy. I decided to DNF it because it was just not clicking with me.

  4. I tend to have like a million books 'on the go' so that if I'm not in the mood for one, I just pick up one of the others. I can't remember how many books I'm currently reading (laughs in a slightly hysterical, vaguely unsettling, fashion) - I think I have a problem ;)

    1. I used to do that, but I decided to stop because I really want to try to focus on one book, but there are occasions where I have to juggle a couple of books to keep me in the reading mood. Nah, it's not a problem. :)

    2. As long as people keep telling me it's not a problem, I can get away with it ;)


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