Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday Reads: 2/18/2016

I don't think time has ever gone by so quickly in my life. I get you not, yesterday was just Monday. There is no way in hell tomorrow is Saturday. Don't get me wrong. I like the fact that life here at college is zooming on by pretty damn quickly cause that just means I'm closer to being out of college, but damn I feel like maybe I should be cherishing my young years a little younger. Like, shit, somehow I'm already an adult. Like, when did that happen??? Anyhoo... on to my Friday Reads.

Currently Reading:


     If I weren't buddy reading this with Temecka, I would have DNFed this sucker a long ass time ago. I'm just so annoyed and disappointed. Celeana is not a badass assassin, she is a fucking prissy. And don't even get me started on this whole romance thing and Chaol and Dorian and all that bullshit. I don't give a fuck. This is precisely why young adult is pissing me off to the point of almost swearing it off entirely. And honestly, this book is so damn slow. There is no good plot and the characters just do not interest me at all. And this is all very disappointing because I quite like "Throne of Glass". I'm starting to wish I had gone with my better instincts and avoided this series all together like I swore I would.

    So what are you guys reading today/this weekend? Hopefully it's loads better than what I am reading. Tell me in the comments down below.


  1. You never become an adult - I promise! ;)

  2. Crown of Midnight... Just please can it get better?

  3. YES YES YES SOMEONE FINALLY SAID IT!! Honestly this series just takes a downhill from here.

    1. Haha your level of excitement though. Yeah there is a 97% chance I will not be finishing this series after this book.

  4. Yep yep yep - totally agree! I found Crown of Midnight to be SO DIFFERENT to Throne of Glass, and it's only because Throne of Glass being so fantastic that I'm even trying to finish the series! :/

    1. It really is different. Like I want to know what happened to Sarah J Maas between the time she wrote Throne of Glass and Crown of Midnight because they are not the same.


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