February 28, 2015

February Wrap-Up

So this month I read 15 books... Wow. I' pretty sure that's the most I have ever read in one month. I'm really proud of myself. So here's a breakdown of my month.

Physical Books Read: 10
Ebooks Read: 5

Books For Enjoyment: 9
Books For Review: 3
Books For School: 3

My Ratings:
Red Queen ★★★★★
The Darkest Part of the Forest ★★★
Red ★★★★
My Best Everything ★★
Daimon  ★★★★★
Openly Straight ★★★
Sentinel ★★★★
Brave New World ★★★★
Apollyon ★★★★★
Elixir ★★★★★
Deity ★★★★★
Ignite Me ★★★
Unravel Me ★★★★★
Desiree's Baby ★★★★
Seeker ★★

Some of these books have reviews on my blog, some of them are only on my Goodreads, while one I am waiting to put the review up closer to the release date.

How did your reading go this month?

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