May 27, 2015

Top 5 Books I Won't Read. Ever

So it has been quite a while since I have done a Top 5 Wednesday because of school and life, but now I finally have time to start doing this meme again. Yay!

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Top 5 Books I Won't Read. Ever.

5. Four


I was not really a fan of the Divergent series. I thought "Divergent" was okay but the rest of the series, not really. I find no need to dive into that world again, especially after that shit ending.

4. Outlander Series

Outlander (Outlander, #1)

I own the first book and tried to read the first chapter but it seems so boring and honestly it is a huge series and that intimidates me. More than likely I will not read the book and will probably host a giveaway for it.

3. The Selection Series


The dresses on the covers make me want to vomit. Simple as that.

2. Any James Patterson Book

James Patterson

James Patterson as I have stated many times before is a shit writer. I used to like the "Maximum Ride" series but that went to shit. I tried to read other works from him but those were a no go for me too. I can't believe he even had the nerve to come out with another "Maximum Ride" book. That series is dead. Stop trying to bring it back to life. Also most of his stuff his cowritten which just makes him worse in my book.

1. Any John Green Book

John Green

Where to begin. Well I liked "The Fault in the Stars". That was the first book I read from him and I really enjoyed it. So I ventured to read his other books. Big mistake. I tackled "Looking for Alaska" and then "Paper Towns" and they were shit books. I couldn't even make it through "Paper Towns" without just skimming until the end. I think John Green is a good person, but as an author I don't like him. All of his books besides "The Fault in Our Stars" seem the same and they just piss me off a little bit.

So those were the Top 5 Books I will never read. What books do you plan on avoiding?

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  1. LOL! This is so funny. The Selection covers make me want to vomit too! People are all "look at those beautiful dresses", and I'm all really? Are you serious right now?. Definitely not what I would classify as "beautiful dresses". Anyway, the first book was actually pretty good, but it went downhill from there lol.

    I totally know what you mean with Outlander! It is so big and intimidating - not that I've not read big books before but the pages are super thin and the text is tiny. Not sure about it.

  2. Same! I really don't think the dresses are that beautiful. Outlander really is intimidating with its super thin pages and tiny text. Like I have no problems with other big series such as Game of Thrones but I'm really unsure about trying Outlander.


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