Tuesday, May 10, 2016


      So today I got more reading done than yesterday, though it was still not nearly as much as I could have done. One thing led to another and I was sucked into watch videos of Beyonce's Formation Tour. #sorrynotsorry.

     I finished "Eileen" and god damn that book was so fucked up. It was bad on a level I didn't think was possible. It was slow and boring and when it eventually did get to the actual plot and action it was so flat and anticlimactic and only like 20 pages long that I didn't care.

     The next book I'm picking up is "How to be Black" by Baratunde Thurston. I don't usually read nonfiction books, but a friend recommended it to me, so I hope it's good.

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  1. 197 pages in a day? Keep going Sierra, you're doing fab! Oh, and my boy-cat says hi! He's kissing my face as I type.

  2. Sorry your first book wasn't that great! I hear you on the getting distracted from reading. I am currently workgn my way through seasons of Supernatural (on season 4 now) and may have*accidentally* watched three episodes before bed instead of reading :-P

    Hope you enjoy your next read and good luck for the rest of the week :-)

    1. Ooohhh Supernatural, I totally understand. Season 4 is such a good season too. Thank you!


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