May 9, 2016


So my first year of college is finally over, and with that comes summer and more time to read-- that is at least until my summer medical program starts. In order to feel more motivated to read, I am participating in "Bout of Books".

So this first day, I didn't really get any read done. I woke up at noon for the first time in months and I did my hair which is a really long process that took until like 6pm. After dinner, I got a bit of reading done before I participated in the first #boutofbooks twitter chat. The twitter chat was really fun and it was the first book chat I've ever done on twitter.

So I'm currently reading "Eileen" by Ottessa Moshfegh. Honestly, I'm not really enjoying it all that much. It's definitely different than anything I've ever read before and slightly interesting, but right now there seems to be no plot and the main character is annoying as hell. Hopefully it gets better...

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  1. Woo, first year of college done?? That's awesome, Sieera! :D
    Also, all the best for Bout of Books! :D


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