September 10, 2014

Top 5 Wednesday: Series I Won't Finish

I typically try to finish series I start. But sometimes there are just series that are either so bad or I just don't feel like continuing. Anyway.... HERE WE GO!!! [P.S. Here is a list to the Top 5 Goodreads group:]
5. Vampire Academy
Before you haters come after me. I Love this series. Rose Hathaway is a boss and Dimitri is my man. However I haven't read the last two books. Why you might ask? I just don't want it to end. So I refuse to read them because in my mind that is the equivalence of the series not ending. 
4. Maximum Ride
So I enjoyed Maximum Ride in the beginning but then it just became shit when James Patterson started adding cowriters, but I still read them all. Apparently though there is another book coming out which is weird since I totally thought the series was over. I will not being reading the new book because I just can't even believe it is a thing.
3. The Rizzoli and Isles Series
The series stopped being about the main serial killer so I was done.
2. Vampire Diaries
If you all read my review on Book One, you know why I am not finishing this series. This series is shit. I refuse to recognize this series as canon.
1. The Mortal Instruments
I can see the pitchforks and fires now. I am going to be honest. I hate this series. I don't like the writing style and the plot was stupid and boring to me. I read the first three books and I will not be finishing them.

Well there you have it. Comment below on what you think of my series I won't be finishing.

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