January 15, 2017

TALKTIME #21: It's Okay to Write Negative Reviews



      Gasp! I know right? Shocker, it's okay not to like a book. You would think that would be common sense, but some people legitimately need to be told this. And what even more people need to be told is that it is okay to write negative reviews. Now I'm not gonna name names because I'm not that petty, but I came across a new author who said they were not going to write any negative reviews because as an author they wouldn't want to receive any negative reviews.

    If you're thinking, 'bitch what?', then your reaction is not far from mine. How can you not expect to receive negative reviews? Negative reviews are just as important as positive reviews. Newsflash: not everyone is going to like your book and an even bigger newsflash: you're book might be problematic.

     Negative reviews are the honest opinions of people and should not be suppressed. The entire point of an honest review, is that it is HONEST. If you're doing a blog tour or something and author or publisher or whoever explicits asks you not to post a negative review during the tour, I can understand that from a marketing perspective, but it is always acceptable to post that review once the tour is done.

    A lot of people rely on reviews to determine whether or not they should pick up a book, and to not have negative reviews would be giving a false impression of the book onto the reader. Positive and negative reviews give a the reader a more diverse range of people's opinions and that's important because not everyone has the same thoughts.

      Believe it or not, writing negative reviews can be just as much fun, or even more fun, than writing positive reviews. Sometimes just ranting about a book can make you feel really good inside and allow you to express yourself in a way that you didn't think was possible. Don't believe me? Just read some of Tika's reviews at "FANGIRL confessions". She is the queen of negative reviews.

      Basically what I'm trying to say is that writing negative reviews is not a bad thing. People get an honest opinion of what you thought about the book and you get the opportunity to express what you really think. 

      So do you currently write negative reviews? If not, what's holding you back? Tell me all about it in the comments down below.

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