January 20, 2017

Friday Reads: 1/20/2017

FRIDAY READS: 1/20/2017

      I barely have time to eat, much less read and write, yet here I am. The semester just started and I am already swamped with reading assignments, homework, notes, my job, my research gig, volunteering at the hospital, etc. Y'all I went an entire day without eating cause I just didn't have time. I don't have any free time to myself because I am managing my time more efficiently this semester and getting on top of my shit. 

     Never fear though because I have actually been sticking with my reading goal and reading every night for at last 30 minutes. It doesn't matter if I am going to bed at 12am, before my head it's the pillow, I read for 30 minutes. It's a great way to end the day if I'm being honest and really forces me to read.

real talk, how beautiful is this cover?

      Currently I have been reading "Wintersong" by S. Jae-Jones. I requested an ARC from the publisher and was luck enough to receive one. Right now I am about 25% in and I have mixed feelings. I really don't like the pacing of the book; it's all over the place. None of the main characters have really caught my attention or made me feel anything, not even the main character Liesl. The concept behind the book and all the mythology seems like it could be good, but right now the execution isn't impressing me, especially since it's set in like the late 1700s early 1800s in Germany and there is a mixture of English and German which is confusing. The entire setting confuses me to be honest. The plot's kinda confusing too. I'm just hoping things will get better when the mythology/fantasy revves up (if it revves up). 

      What are you guys currently reading or have read recently? Also have you heard of Wintersong or read it? Thoughts? Tell me down below in the comments.

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