March 16, 2016

TOP 5 Wednesday: Top 5 Fictional Items I Want


      Boy if I could list all the fictional items I wanted, it would be a novel in itself. Fictional items are the best because they are so much better than the mundane shit we currently have. Onwards!

5. Wand

Real talk, who doesn't want a wand? We all want to be badass wizards and witches that can make shit happen with the flick of the wrist. It was always disappointing wielding a stick and learning that it is in fact just a normal stick that can't blow up your enemies. (Not that I would use my magic for evil like that... I'm a good person.... a third of the time.)

5. Wings

I know this probably doesn't count, but I really really want to fly, which is ironic coming from a girl who hates swinging from a swingset. I read so many Maximum Ride books and books with angels that I really wouldn't mind getting my hand on a pair. I feel like being in control of wings like that would be totally amazing. It would also let me fly away from the haters.

 3. Pen that turns into a Sword

If any of you have read the Percy Jackson series or Heroes of Olympus, you know Percy has a pen that can turn into a fucking sword. Now I don't know about you, but I think that is really really cool. I don't know what the hell I would do with it, but wouldn't it be nice to just turn a pen into a sword if someone was pissing you off?

2. Bottomless Bag

I need a bag in my life that is basically a bottomless pit. I love bags and I feel like they never have enough space. Now if I had a bag that was basically a bottomless pit or connected to my room, that would open up so many possibilities. I could whip out any book I owned if I got bored or more importantly, I could get food.

1. An All Seeing Crystal Ball

Basically I am extremely nosy and what to know everything about everything about everyone. Not knowing stuff gives me anxiety, and I feel like this crystal ball could either really help me out or cause some problems. Either way, I want it.

 What do you guys think? Are there any items on my list that you could totally seeing yourself having?

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  1. Ha, great post. Do wings count? Aren't they like... a body part, more than an item? Meh, I guess you count them if you want.

    I can't think of wings on people without thinking of Angel/Warren Worthington in X-men 3, trying to cut off his own as a kid O.O :'( - the feels in that scene!

    1. In this case I'm considering a body part an item. Oh my gosh, that scene wrecked meeeee.

  2. I could really love a wand, however the crystal ball would probably freak me out a bi. For me, ignorance is bliss!

  3. I want a wand!! Then I could make magical things happen, and wouldn't that be fun?? :D A bottomless bag would be so tempting and abused in my position. I'd stuff ALL my books and all my possessions in there and take it with me to college xD

    Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books

  4. Omg this is so me hahaha. Also I totally blame Maximum Ride for my obsession with wings...


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