March 4, 2016

Friday Reads: 3/4/2016

It's FRIDAYYYY!!! My midterms (for the most part) are over, I have no classes, and my spring break is starting. I finally have time to just wind down, take a chill pill, and enjoy life. If I could, I would totally jump five years into the future just so I wouldn't be in college. I'd be in medical school, but I have a feeling I'll enjoy that more than college right now. Anyway, with this break, I'm planning on reading some before my friend, Neesha comes down to visit me.

On a side note, I placed an order from BookOutlet, which I shouldn't have done, but I wanted to try more adult, nonfiction books so I got three. Who knows when I'll actually get to them, considering my ever growing amount of unread books in my dorm.

Currently Reading:


      I am 80% in this book and I WILL FINISH IT TODAY!!! To be honest, this isn't nearly as good as I thought it would be. Nothing really interested me until I hit like the 60% mark, even then, I'm still pretty bored. The writing style and plot are nothing particularly special. Not really sure why people think this book is amazing. Maybe the ending will blow my mind and make me ugly cry (doubt it cause I have no soul). I like the dynamics between Will and Louisa at times, but other times I just want to roll my eyes. And Louisa, my goodness she is so daft. 

What are you guys currently reading? And to those of you that have read "Me Before" You", what are your thoughts on it?

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  1. Have an awesome break! And find something nice to read (it really doesn't matter what,) :)

  2. I'm unsure of this book! Around Valentines Day, everyone was raving over it, but it really just seems like your typical romance novel. Anyways, happy spring break!

    1. Yeah, personally I think it is just your typical romance novel too. Thank you!


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