March 30, 2016


So this isn't a bookish post or anything like that, but I thought I should tell you guys because it is important and will effect this blog in the near future. Drumroll please....

I AM CHANGING MY MAJOR!!! I know you guys are probably wondering why you should care, but it is important. I was a Biomedical Engineering, Pre-Med major, but now I am just Biology, Pre-Med. This decision was really hard to make, but ultimately, it was one I am happy I made.

Being an engineering major was killing me. There were classes I had to take that I could give two fucks about, I was stressing and depressed all the time, and most importantly, I wasn't happy. It took me a little while, but I realized that my happiness is more important than anything else in the world.

So, now I am a biology major, still pre-med. I will be able to take classes in genetics, medicine, etc, and areas that really just interest me more than Biomedical Engineering dead. Also, and this is the thing I am happiest about, I will have time to take more arts and humanities classes!!!

Not having any creative classes this semester killed me. I realized that as much as I love science, I love arts and humanities just as much. I'm thinking of minoring in creative writing, religion, I don't know, something that I really love and am passionate about.

So how does this affect y'all? Well starting next school year, I'll have more time to read, blog, and basically do all the things I love doing. I will be able to start living a litter more. One step at a time though. I still have about a month left of this school year, so I've got to finish it out. I don't know what I'm doing and whether or not I will have time to really read, but it will definitely still be better than the hell I've been through.

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  1. Good for you for making yourself happy! Good luck in your new program, creative writing seems like a fun thing to minor in now that you have the time :)

  2. YAY! :D I was always wondering how you managed doing Biomed Engineering, because for me, I know that Biomed Engineering would have killed me! Changing to just biology sounds awesome - I'm so glad you're doing what makes YOU happy! :D

    1. Haha yeah, it's definitely not for everyone, and thank you!

  3. I'm so glad you're doing what's best for you!! You definitely made the right decision; everyone needs time for fun sometimes! I hope this next year is a much better experience :)

  4. It's great that you're choosing to pursue something you're passionate about <3
    I wish you the best of luck in the future, Sierra!


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