September 4, 2015

Friday Reads: September 4, 2015

I always tell myself I am going to do this every week but then I end up forgetting it. Oh well. So I don't really have anything planned out to read. I am so swamped with the college life that I have barely read anything since I got here. I haven't read anything at all this week. However it is Labor Day Weekend here in the United States which means no school Monday. When I'm not catching up on studies, I think I will try to find something to read.

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  1. Don't over exhaust yourself OK
    Take your time and don't do too much at once :)

  2. I totally understand not being able to read. I just finished my second week of school and since the first day I have not touched a book or done much blogging. I will try and catch up on reading as well this weekend. So glad it's Labor Day on Monday! I hope college is going well for you. I know it definitely takes over your life and most of your time.
    ~Chioma @ Blue Books and Butterflies

    1. School is so time consuming but it is really important. I hope you catch up on some reading as well!


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