June 27, 2015

TALKTIME #3: Why I Never Ever Pre-Order Books


      I have never pre-ordered a book before and I plan on keeping it that way. Pre-ordering a book is a thought that has never crossed my mind before, even for a book I know I will buy or really interests me. Why?
     First, the entire pre-order thing seems off to me. I don't want to pay for a book that I won't be getting for awhile. I would rather pay for a book and know that it is on its way soon. 
     Second, I need time to know if the book is even worth a dime of my money or if I should get it from the library first, and then if it really is all that and a bag of chips, I will buy it. That's why I usually buy books after I have already read them because I don't want to buy a book that I end up hating and want off my shelf. I also like to wait a little bit to see how receptive the book is on Goodreads, Booktube, etc... Hype generally doesn't get to me, but if I can see the book I want to get is doing well then I will be more inclined to buy it.
     Finally, there is no book I want so badly that I need to have it the day it comes out at my house. I don't care what book it is, I am okay waiting to get it. I won't even pre-order a Kindle book because I know the day it comes out I can just buy it normally. I don't need to have it sent to my device at midnight because I know I won't be reading it at midnight.
     What about you guys? Do you pre-order books? What are your thoughts on the process?

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