March 18, 2015

Top 5 Wednesday: Bookish Habits

I am really excited to do this meme because I love reading and when I reading I do different things depending on the book. Here we go!

1. Laying on my belly

So most of the time when I read, I read on my bed. I try to read sitting up against the pillow, but it just doesn't work and I usually ending up laying on my belly with my book propped up on a pillow and my reader's note journal next to me. Lately I've been trying to read in a lounge chair I have designated for reading, but I usually almost always wander back to my bed.

2. Drinking tea

I absolutely love. I drink and live off of tea ever since I was little. Every day with breakfast and after school I drink a cup of tea. Sometimes it's black, green, Earl Gray, or when I'm in the mood Blueberry or an Irish tea my friend got me in Ireland. Anyway, also when I'm reading I tend to make tea. I don't know why, maybe I feel more sophisticated or homey. 

3. Taking notes

Before starting this blog, I would just read and sometimes put my progress on Goodreads. I then started updating my statuses on Goodreads and I discovered I really like writing my thoughts down while reading. Eventually I started making book reviews and ended up getting a journal to write down my thoughts while I read to help with reviews. Even with books I don't write reviews for I still write down my thoughts because I enjoy doing it.

2. Listening to music

I know some people need complete silence to read but I am not one of those people. I can read a book anywhere, even on a bus full of people. Sometimes, not all of the time, I listen to music while I read because I like background noise. I hate silence. Even when I am doing my homework I will have the TV on or music playing simply because I cannot stand silence.

1. Weird shit

I don't know how else to title this. Basically when I read I do weird shit. Sometimes if I get to a really intense scene I'll just put down the book and lay on my bed for like an hour until I feel like reading that scene. Sometimes I will fangirl so hard at a romantic scene that I will start dancing and have a giggling spurt. Other times I'll just get to a part in the book and for no reason I'll start to wonder around the house aimlessly, thinking or in complete silence, and then return to the book. Oh I also daydream a lot. I'll read a romantic scene and then I'll stop and imagine them making out and doing other cutesy scenes in my head.

So those are my bookish habits. What are yours?

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