January 5, 2015

December Book Haul

My involvement on this book blog has been absolutely pathetic. Yes I have school and all of that, but that is no excuse. So to maximize my involvement, I will be posting more than just reviews. For instance, her is a haul from December. Some of them were gifts for Christmas, some random gifts from my Mom, and others I bought for myself or they are required reading for AP Literature. Anyway... on to the book haul!

Physical Books

This book is required reading for AP Literature. Believe me, if I didn't have to read it, I wouldn't.

I came home one day and my mom randomly gave me this book. I read the synopsis on the back and it seems interesting. It is about the competitiveness for getting into an elite college. I think she gave me this book because I myself finished applying to college which was stressful.

So I reviewed this book earlier on this blog, but if you haven't read the post, it is here. I just... I loved this book so much. I read it as an ebook from the library but I just had to get a physical copy of this book because it is pure amazingness.

This book was a secret santa gift and I just love it. I read the first book from the library and it was hilarious. Star Wars itself is amazing, but coupled with the Shakespeare style it becomes brilliant.

This is another book that I read from the library and absolutely fell in love with. I can't wait to read the second book.

So I know absolutely nothing about this book. This is another book my mom just randomly gave me. Thing is, this book is the second book of a series. I haven't decided if I'm going to find the first book and then try to read this or what. It has a nice cover and spine, so it might just sit on my shelf...


All I know about this book is that a girl can turn into a dragon. If you don't think that is awesome, then you need to rethink your life choices.

I know absolutely nothing about this book except that the cover and title are interesting and people on BookTube seem to like it.

I'm currently reading this book and I'm not entirely sure what it is about. A girl who's mom is the dead queen becomes queen and that's all I know. What I've read so far though is really interesting.

Well that is my December Book Haul. What did you guys get for December or Christmas?

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