September 3, 2019

Tuesday Tunes: Slide Away" by Miley Cyrus


      Now I ain't done a Tuesday Tunes in forever and a day, but I'm in the blogging mood and this song has been on my mind for days, so I here I am typing about it.

      "Slide Away" is Miley Cyrus's new song and it blew me away. I haven't listened to anything from Miley Cyrus in a while because her new stuff is uhhhh... we'll use the words different and problematic. She has a bad happening of taking shit from the black community and acting like it's hers, hence why I don't really mess with her. However, this new song is completely different from anything she has done in years, and I love it.

     This song is so chill yet raw. For those of you who don't know, her and Liam broke up (got divorced??? Idk what their relationship was and I don't particularly care). It sucks for her, but it really gave her an edge for this song. It's an emotional, show it all to the world type of song that just really hits you in the feels. I find myself constantly humming the song in my head or when I am able to listen to it, just shoving my headphones in, closing my eyes, and swaying to the music. If Miley put out more songs like this, I could be persuaded to be a fan of hers again.

      If you haven't given this song a listen, do it down below. I promise you won't be disappointed.

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