April 20, 2019

A Much Prolonged Life Update


      It's been a hot second since I've done an update on here, so here I am, giving you one.

      I've been living in Chicago for a little over four months now, having graduated from university in December. The glow from being a newly graduated college student and being a real adult with a job has passed and I'm now in the phase where my life has a high level of monotony to it. There have been changes at my job that I haven't been a big fan of, so I don't like it as much as I used to, especially since it's become abundantly clear that most of the immediate people I interact with daily don't like me (and for the sole reason that I actually do work at work).

      March was a pretty good month for me. My best friend from college came to visit me twice, once for her spring break and again for the Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2) here in Chicago. We had an absolute blast, especially at C2E2. I got a bunch of graphic novels, a Lord of the Rings wine class, a Godzilla shot glass, a Slytherin wine glass (yes, I have finally embraced the fact that I am not a Ravenclaw and own my Slytherin nature fully now), and a bunch of music sheet posters that have movie or book covers on them (Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Deadpool, etc). Me and my two friends cosplayed as the Weird Sisters from the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, so that was dope.

      I've decided to apply to PhD programs this fall to go back to school next year (Fall 2020). I've gotten the much needed break I needed from school for my mental health, and quite honestly, I'm ready for more school. I miss being in an academic environment, especially a rigorous scientific one. I don't feel challenged enough anymore, and I love research and science so much. 

      Outside of that, not much as happened in my life. I live a pretty boring life. You would think with my boring ass life, I would have more time to read and blog, but it's just not something I've been feeling. As of lately I've been rereading some of my favorite books from when I was in high school and college, so that's exciting. In August I'm going on a cruise to Cuba with my Mom and we're also planning a multi-country Europe trip in October, so I'm really pumped about that. My mom and I aren't super close like most mother-daughter relationships are (at least how I imagine they are), so this is going to be interesting.

      Well, that's my life update. Thanks for tuning in.

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