December 24, 2017

Quick Winter 2017 Update


      Hey everyone! It's been forever and a day since I've written a personal type post outside of a review. I've been bombarded with exams, projects, papers, research, and all the other things being in school entails. This means I haven't had time to read or blog. Hell I've barely had time to eat. I really struggled with my depression these last few months as a result of the stress of school, and unfortunately reading and blogging did not help relieve my symptoms. All I'm good now and have come to terms with what I need to do to keep my mental health in check.

      As much as I would like to jump back into reading and blogging this winter break, that simply is not going to happen, but for a good reason. I will be spending this winter break in Costa Rica doing research! I'm really excited to go to Latin America and see all the wonders of the rainforest. So while I'm away, I have a few scheduled posts made already, but other than that I will be offline. I haven't decided if I will make myself available on Twitter or not. I really just want to enjoy the natural world when I'm on break.

      So, I hope you guys have been having a much better end of the year than me and have been reading some good books. I've been really out of the bookish world loop, so let me know some good books I should check out when I get back from Costa Rica down in the comments.

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