October 4, 2017

Top 5 Wednesday: Top 5 Books with Witches


       I'M SO FUCKING PUMPED FOR THIS TOPIC!!! For those of you who were unaware, I love witches. So much. With all of my heart. So much that I wish I was a witch. For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to be a witch. Harry Potter only heightened that shit times ten. I used to go around concentrating on items, willing them to move and making up spells in my head. To this very damn day, I still dream and pretend that I'm a witch cause I'm really hoping that shit will kick in soon. So without further ado, here are just a few of the books with witches that I enjoy. (Believe me this is just a tip of the iceberg type of deal. I've got soooo many fucking books with witches I could list.)

5. The Nightmare Affair series by Mindee Arnett

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I only read the first two books in this series, but the books I did read I enjoyed. I'm not 100% sure if there were "witches" in this books, but I know that there were people who could do magic so that counts in my book.

4. The Covenant series by Jennifer L. Armentrout

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Once again, not sure if there were actually witches, but I realllllyyyy fucking love the Covenant series. This was the first series that I physically bought all of the books. There was some magical type shit going on so I say there were witches.

3. Hex Hall series by Rachel Hawkins

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I have read the Hex Hall series many times because this is one of my favorite paranormal books. The main character is a witch (kinda, long story for those of you who don't know this series) and most of the other characters are witches and they are all great (well most of them are, there a few that are ehhhhh or I could kill them with my bare hands). I love how there are "good" and "bad" witches and how their magic is different from one another.

2. Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling

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It wouldn't be a list about witches if I didn't have Harry Potter on it. Harry isn't who made me want to be a witch though, that was all Hermione. I mean not just her. Everything about Harry Potter just made me want to be a part of that great magical world.

1. The Secrets of the Immortal Flamel by Michael Scott

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Technically they are sorcerers and magicians and enchantresses, not witches, but they're all magical folk who are basically witches, so I'm gonna call them witches. This series is very magic heavy. This was the first magic series I read after Harry Potter ended, so this has a special place in my heart.

So this was just a little taste of books with my love of witches. Witches are love. Witches are life. Still salty I'm not a witch.

Not book related, but Bonnie Bennett is my favorite witch ever, hands down. I don't like book Bonnie but I fucking love how Kat Graham portrays her. She is a fucking goddess.

What do you think of my choices? Do you have any books with witches I should check out? Seriously though, send me some reccommendations because I fucking love witches. Tell me down in the comments down below.

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