September 10, 2017

TALKTIME #22: Writing Reviews is a Struggle


      You would think with the title of my blog being "The Nerdgirl Review" reviewing would come easy. It used to be, it really was. But now reviewing is a struggle, and I think part of that has to do with me and part of that has to do with what I read.

      I used to really love reviewing books, hence making this blog. I loved talking about books. But now I find myself struggling to write reviews. I get asked to review a book, and I just don't feel motivated. Looking back at a lot of my most recent reviews, most of them I haven't liked. I've realized part of this comes from the fact that I don't really like what I'm reviewing. I don't hate it either though. It's just eh. Which got me thinking...

      My earlier reviews were all books I either really loved or really hated. Those are the reviews that had so much emotion from me, and that's because I had so much to say. With books that I don't necessarily hate or love, I don't really have that much to say. 

      Over the course of last year and this year I've been really struggling with finding books that I enjoy. My reading tastes have changed and so have I as I've gone through college, which is perfectly okay. Change is a good thing. But with this change, it's been harder to find books that I feel passionate enough to review. That being said...

      Some changes are coming to how and what I review so that I am not struggling anymore. From now on I plan on reviewing books that I actually have real emotions and thoughts on. So whether that is a book I really love or a book I hate, that's the type of stuff I want to review. There will be some exceptions of course when it comes to books I get sent for review because I feel obligated to write an honest review in exchange for a copy of that book. But outside of that, from now on I'm just reviewing what I feel is right to review. This may mean a decrease in the number of book reviews on this blog, and I'm sorry for that, but as I said in an earlier blog post, I am changing and so is this blog. I still want to pursue other stuff to put on this blog that I am passionate about. I might not be posting that often due to the demands of this school year, but when I do, it will be stuff I feel deserves to be talked about.

      Sorry for going off the deep end like that. But what about you guys? Have you been struggling with reviewing books? Do you review all the books you read? Tell me your thoughts in the comments down below.

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