June 27, 2017

Tuesday Tunes: Wonder Woman Soundtrack



      Recently I announced that in addition to doing bookish stuff, I would be expanding the topics I discuss on my blog. In accordance with this, I have decided to start a new segment called "Tuesday Tunes" in which I talk about the music that I have been enjoying. This can be an entire album, multiple songs, a single song, etc. (Fair warning, this post is a little long.)

      Quick intro as to why I chose to write about music: music has always been a huge part of my life. Ever since I was little, I can remember my parents always having music on in the house. The first thing I would hear when I woke up in the morning was my mom listening to music while she cooked in the kitchen and music coming from the bathroom while my dad took his morning shower. In third grade, I started playing the violin while my twin brother started playing the cello. We joined our school and local community orchestras and music became an even bigger part of our lives. Whenever I'm not actively listening to someone talk to me, I'm usually listening to music. Not having music on in quietness really weirds me out. I become really in tune with all the sounds around me and in my body from the littlest ring to the sound of my swallowing. This drives me beyond crazy, so when people see me, I usually have my headphones in and am listening to music. I love everything from classic music to pop to Broadway tunes. I like pretty much anything but country. (Sorry to all you country fans out there. I just can't hang with it.)

      So this week, well actually more like the past two weeks, I have been obsessed with the "Wonder Woman" soundtrack from the new movie, which if you haven't seen it already, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE??? GO WATCH IT!!! I've seen the movie like three times in theaters but have probably listened to the soundtrack on repeat like 10 times. I love movie soundtracks. Honestly they might be my favorite genre of music. I can listen to movie soundtracks when I'm doing anything, from homework to walking in the grocery store. There is such a variety of sounds in movie soundtracks, but the thing with them all is they all fill me up with such emotion. There is so much heart that is put into the sounds that are produced. The mixture of orchestra with modern music technology just really does something to me.

      Anyway, specially on to the "Wonder Woman" soundtrack, the soundtrack gives me so many emotions from empowerment to sadness to hype. There are some songs that are so powerful that I can imagine the scenes in the movie that are occurring at that exact moment in the song and I love it. It's so interesting listening to this soundtrack because the composer who wrote this soundtrack was actually the same one who wrote "The Bee Movie" soundtrack as well as "Hacksaw Ridge" and "The Legend of Tarzan" (newest one). Crazy right? Composers are so versatile and I wish I had the music creativeness they do. Alas, my twin brother got the composing skills.

      I love all of the songs on the soundtrack, but my favorites are definitely "Pain, Loss, and Love", "Wonder Woman's Wrath", "Hell Hath No Fury", "Lightning Strikes", and my top favorite song is "Trafalgar Celebration". If you've seen the movie and listen to "Trafalgar Celebration", you'll know why it's my favorite. This one just gives me so much emotion and it makes me think about everything leading up to that point in the movie and gahhh I just become a hot mess. ("Hell Hath No Fury" is a real close second though. Like it makes me want to cry too. Movie watchers, you know exactly why I want to cry).

      If movie soundtracks are your thing, I would 100% recommend listening to the "Wonder Woman" soundtrack. If you have watched the movie, you should listen to the soundtrack too. And if you don't fall into either of those categories, you should still 100% listen to the soundtrack. I promise you it will fill you with an emotion you just can't get from listening to normal Top 40 pop music. Below I have the "Spotify" playlist, but if you don't have "Spotify", it's free on "Youtube".

      Side note: for those of you who have seen "Wonder Woman", what did you think? Did you love it as much as I did? Tell me all your thoughts down in the comments! I'll be waiting...

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