December 31, 2016

TALKTIME #20: Audiobooks are My New Jam


      I've been wanting to write this post for quite some time, but I've been rather busy with school and honestly, I just haven't had the motivation to write any posts. But it is winter break, so my motivation is back for at least a few weeks, so I thought I would crank this out while I still felt like doing it. Without further ado, why I think audiobooks are the shit.

      Let me first set y'all up with a little bit of background info. I have been reluctant to read audiobooks for the longest time because it just didn't feel right to me. You aren't physically reading the words from a book and that felt like cheating to me. That being said, there is one book a few years ago that I listened to on audiobook that I really liked and would listen to over and over again, and that is "Avalon High" by Meg Cabot. I have no idea why I love this book as much as I do, but I do, and that's not the point. 

      Well, I started a new job this semester and it requires a lot of data entry and other boring, tedious stuff. For the most part I had just been listening to music, but I felt like I was wasting my time listening to music. I started listening to podcasts, but that's another post for another time. Eventually, I was like 'Sierra, you need to raise your Goodreads goal.... Sierra you should listen to audiobooks... Sierra listen to the damn audiobooks' So, I listened to that inner voice and started listening to audiobooks, and boy oh boy am I glad I did.

      I started devouring audiobooks, especially mysteries and memoirs. I listen to them at work, walking from place to place, on the train or bus, the grocery store, basically everywhere when I didn't have to talk or listen to people. I enjoyed the feeling of reading without actually having to read. I love being able to listen to a book while still being able to do other stuff like work or cook, something you can't do when you actually sit down and read. 

      Now don't get me wrong, I still love reading, but audiobooks are a nice supplement for all the times when I cannot read. If it weren't for audiobooks, I wouldn't have been able to power through as many books as I did this year, and honestly, my love for books would have diminished some.

      Basically what I am saying is that I think audiobooks is something almost everyone who is capable of hearing should do. It's a nice way to occupy your time while doing other tasks and it's almost like a movie in your head. And if you are looking for ways to keep up your Goodreads goal, this is definitely the thing for you. 

      Do you guys listen to audiobooks? If yes, what are some of your favorite audiobooks or genres of audiobooks? And if not, what's holding you back? Tell me all about it in the comments down below.

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