December 23, 2016


Hello you guys!!! It has been a hot second, and by a hot second I mean a few months. Life has been busy, I have been busy, so I had to put the blog on hold. I know most of you guys understand, so I'm not going to explain myself too much. Just know that I have been incredibly busy with working, going to classes, doing homework, studying, extracurricular activities, and my research position. I'm on winter break, so I'm gonna take some time to reevaluate myself, my priorities, and try to do a better job of scheduling myself out next year so that I give this blog the attention it deserves.

So, what's to come? Well, I've read and listen to quite a number of books that I have not talked about on here, so the current game plan is do do a shit ton of mini-reviews or collective reviews as well as like a fall wrap up of sorts. Of course, I'm also going to do the obligatory "Top 10 Books of 2016" post, which is gonna be a little hard cause I'm pretty sure most of the favorites of the year I read towards the beginning of the year or in the summer when I had time to read more. 

I'm not going to go into much detail in this post, but changes are gonna be coming to this blog, My interests have changed so much this year reading-wise and so has the stuff I want to blog. But like I said, that is for another post.

Uhm... how have y'all been? All is well I hope. For those of you in school, I hope your semester went infinitely smoother than mine did and you had a better time. Tell me all about it in the comments.

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