June 5, 2021

Mara's Awakening GUEST POST

 Mara's Awakening

Author: Leo Flynn

Series & No. In Series: Book 1 Of The Mara Files

Genre: Science Fiction, Space Opera

Publisher: Self-Published On Amazon

Author Bio: Leo Flynn writes poetry & gripping SciFi, like The Mara Files, his debut science fiction short story series. Other galaxies consume his waking hours.

Synopsis: Mara Keres. A trained warrior and former highly respected peacekeeper. Note “former.” Once, she had her life under control. Once, she had the trust of the galaxy.

Now she rots in the same prison she used to sentence people to. Solitary confinement for six years. Would’ve brought anyone else to their knees. Not her. Then an offer resurfaces, almost too good to be true.

Ghosts of her past and demons come back to haunt her.

Will she ever make it out alive?

Sometimes, facing your worst memories is worth the risk.


The light faded

Like a starship jumping into hyperspace

It disappeared

Lost forever


    Cackling laughter, a blinding flash, and screams of the dead and dying.

    Distant starship gunfire lighting up the sky above. A small settlement in flames.

    She awoke, body wracked with pain, sweat pouring down her forehead. A strangled scream erupted from her throat, her breathing heavy, haggard, and slow.

    No... Just... another dream.

    Scratch. A single slash across a series of little straight lines. Bloody h*ll... already? Today marked her sixth year in prison -- six, long, years.

    Groaning, she stood, shivers running down her spine.

    Just a dream. Just a dream.

    The shiny surface of the wall caught her reflection. Stopping, she stared. A dark-skinned, gaunt face, years of stress etched across her cheekbones and forehead. Hair going grey at the roots. To think she was only forty-something.

    She dropped to the floor, jumping straight into an exercise routine. Stop thinking about it!

    Coming into pushups, she struggled to do them in full. Bloody hand restrainer, useless for everything.     Suppose that was what they wanted.

     Sweat poured down her cheeks, arms shaking with the effort. Keep going.

    She slumped to the ground, exhausted.

    Moments passed, and the woman dragged a loose stone out from the ground. Hands trembling, she pulled the precious object out, gently and slowly. The smooth fabric cooled her quivering, sweaty fingers.

    A thick sash of red, gold, and green, symbolizing both a triumphant and harrowing victory. They could take everything from her, but she would never forget what she'd done, who she was. She was a warrior -- a war hero. The only thing left of her former self, and she would cling to it forever.

    Click, clack, clunk. Her head snapped up. Gears in the door turned, spinning faster as bolts thrust open.


    Fumbling to hide it, she dragged the stone back across, evidence of a hidey-hole disappearing. Under her clothes went the prized object, warm and reassuring against her cold chest. She scrambled back, head thundering, eyes wide with anticipation.

    Blinding light. A short, stocky figure with light brown skin, wearing a uniform covered in badges, stood over her. "Mara."

    She rubbed her eyes. Was she hallucinating?

    "Your behavior has improved. We have decided solitary confinement is no longer necessary."

    She tried to form a reply, nothing came. She hadn't spoken since... Who knew? All her mouth could manage was a grunt.

    "You shall be transferred to your new cell, effective immediately. Stand."

    Her leg groaned under the sudden effort. No, come on! It whirred into life, she stood, towering over her Warden.


    "Aye... Ma'am."

    Her first words in years.

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