November 2, 2016

"After the Texans" by Declan Milling GUEST POST


Book: After the Texans

Author: Declan Milling

Genre: Thriller

Publisher: Clink Street

Synopsis: Having exposed the corrupt government in Papua New Guinea, the UN’s carbon market watch dog is riding high. But Emil Pfeffer, its head of market integrity, is in meltdown. The UN investigation has been shelved and his girlfriend, Johanna, has been kidnapped as insurance that his inquiries will go no further. 

Wracked by guilt and desperate to find her, Emil finds himself thrust into the high-stakes battle being waged for control of the world’s remaining fossil fuel resources. 

It's economic war for hegemony over the future of global energy, being played out against a back drop of Australian domestic politics, where coal mining and the Great Barrier Reef are locked in a fight to the death.

After The Texans is the second novel in the Carbon Black series.

Why I decided to tackle a book with an issue as important as climate change.

The short answer, "stick with what you know”. But Nerdgirl Review is right, it is an important issue and one that the average person on the street would find daunting and impenetrable in a lot of respects. It’s complex and confronting and getting more and more urgent that there is a serious, but sensible, globally coordinated effort to address it. However, news or in the media generally, it’s often just too much or too hard to get one’s head around it. And that’s before the skeptics and deniers start throwing the disinformation about. 

Using it as the setting for a political conspiracy thriller hopefully makes it a little more accessible. Hopefully, readers might be inspired to find out more when they’ve read the novel. I’ve tried to make the context as real and as accurate as I can, while at the same time definitely not turning the novel into a textbook! It’s the characters caught up in the events who are communicating the context to the reader. I think there’s definitely a role for arts and popular culture to help inform society about issues such as this, not didactically, rather by simple inclusion and provoking thought.

About the Author

Declan Milling has over thirty years experience as an environmental lawyer. Born in Australia, he holds degrees in science and law and a masters degree in environmental law. Currently based in the United Kingdom, Milling divides his time between London and Edinburgh. His first novel, Carbon Black, was released in 2014.

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