Sunday, June 26, 2016

Make Me Read It Readathon 2016 Voting

      I participated in "Make Me Read It" last year, and honestly, this year I wasn't going to participate because with my summer program, I wasn't sure how much time I would have to actually get a lot of reading done. But, I have decided to give it a go anyway. It's towards the end of the program and I feel like it is a good motivator to get me back into the swing of things before I go back home. So without further ado, below are the details of the readathon and the voting.

What Is This Readathon About? 
Look at the books you own, either physical, e-book or ones you've borrowed from the library and pick out a few you really want to read, or feel like you should read. It’s up to you how many you pick, personally I'd pick a few more than you expect to be able to read in a week. Example: if you think you’ll only read two, pick out five books or if you think you can read seven, pick out ten. 
Make a list of these books on your blog, or make a video, or a Goodreads shelf or post a picture on Instagram—whatever is easiest for you. Then get friends, other bloggers/booktubers etc. to vote on which books you HAVE to read. 
When the readathon comes along, you read the books in the order of most votes. For example, if one book gets 10 votes—you read that first, then the one that got 7 and so on. If there's a tie, then it's your preference. The goal is to read as many as possible.  
When Will This All Take Place? 
The Make Me Read It Readathon will start at July 9th and end at July 16th. You can start once it hits 12am in your time zone. The readathon itself lasts for a week! 
Since this is an interactive readathon, there is about a month and a half to get some kind of initial post/photo/video/etc. where your readers can vote for which book you read! You can either have a poll, or just rely on the comments, have votes count more than once, honestly this is all up to you! If you plan to participate, make sure you have all your books ready for July 9th! 

What should I read???

The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly by Stephanie Oaks
The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater
Since You've Been Gone by Morgan Matson
More Happy than Not by Adam Silvera
Made You Up by Francesca Zappia
November 9 by Colleen Hoover
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  1. The Raven Boys and Since You've Been Gone! I've read both and each was incredible in its own way.
    I'm participating as well; if you'd like to vote on my poll, you can see it here:
    -Amy :-)

    1. I've heard great things about both, so I'm looking forward to reading them. I'll go vote right now!

    2. Awesome! Good luck! Thank you so much. :-)

  2. Good luck in your readathon! The Raven Boys is such a great book :)

  3. I have been debating if I should join this read-a-thon. It looks like fun. I hope you enjoy the books that get the most votes. They all sound interesting either way.

  4. I voted for The Raven Boys, since I read it for the first time this week and enjoyed it.

    My Most Recent Discussion: Make New Friends, but Keep the Old: ReReading

  5. Good luck! I haven't read any of those, so I just voted for the ones on my TBR list, because that way you can tell me what you thought before I read them ;)

  6. Good luck with this! I suggest Since You've Been Gone (because I ended up liking it a lot more than I expected) and More Happy Than Not (because I'm curious about it and would love to see your toughts).

    Charlotte @ Bookmarks and Blogging

  7. I think you can assume what I voted for.. I HOPE YOU LOVE THE RAVEN CYCLE

  8. Hahaha yes I definitely voted for The Raven Boys, but I also LOVED Made You Up! So I voted for that one as well!!

    Thank you so much for joining again! Hopefully you're able to get to some of the books :)

    1. Haha seems like everyone is voting for The Raven Boys. I can't wait to read and thank you so much for hosting!

  9. I just posted my sign up post as well! November 9 is also on my list but I had to vote for Since You've Been Gone. I absolutely love that book! Good luck with the readathon!

    1. I'll have to go check out your signup! Good luck to you too.

  10. Such a great list but I voted for November 9! I really enjoyed it. :) Here's my Make Me Read It Read-A-Thon -

    1. Thank you for voting! I'll definitely go vote on yours.

  11. Looks like you have lots of good reads to choose from. I hope you enjoy them!

    I'd love if you would vote on my list! :) -

  12. I had to vote for Raven Boys, Maggie is one of my fave authors!

    Here's mine to vote on!


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