Tuesday, March 15, 2016

TALKTIME #16: Why I'm Cutting Back on Blog Tours


      It has been more than a week since I have done one of these, and for that dear readers, I am sorry. I know I promised to do these at least once every week, but school you guys.... *shakes head* ...school.

      Anyhoo.... on to the topic of the day. Blog/Book tours. In the style that I know best, this is going to start with a narrative story. (Sorry not even remotely sorry). So when I was just starting off my blog, I was full of energy and ready to dive in the book blogging community. I thought, my blog will float solely on reviews, and people will love it, and everything will be amazing. (Yeah I was quite delusional. Probably the stress of senior year effing me up.) Time slowly passed and things were just not happening for me. I was getting like zero views, no comments, followers, etc. etc. Well this made me hella sad. I don't quite remember how, but one thing led to another and I was recommended joining blog tours to get more viewers. I figured, what the hell, what's the worse that can happen?

      A lot Dean, a lot could go wrong. It got to the point that blog tours were consuming my blog and most of the reviews I were posting were from ARCs for blog tours. This helped with views, but it really didn't help with comments/followers and all that jazz. I thought blog tours would be a good way to fill up space on my blog when I couldn't really post anything original, which at the time, was A LOT because I was basic as hell when it came to blogging.

      I wasn't pleased with the content on my blog so I started drawing back on blog tours and doing more original reviews and posts, and my blog was better because of it. I started becoming more picky on what blog tours I posted and whether or not I was really passionate about, and the reception of them on my blog was better.

      What am I saying? Basically blog tours are fillers that really aren't best for my blog anymore. At the time, they were a good way to fill up space and for me to discover new books and ARCS, but not that is not as important anymore. The image that my blog presents is more important to me, especially content wise. I don't really care that much about the numbers, but what I'm putting out there. Now I'm not saying that blog tours are bad and are just fillers. But they're just not for me anymore. From this point on, I will be refraining from doing blog tours unless I am truly interested in the books. There are a couple that I have already signed up for so you'll see them appear on this blog at some point, but after that, I really just want more original content on my blog. (Now whether that original content is going to take the form of reviews is yet to be seen because of you know, school.)

What do you guys think of blog tours? Are you a fan? Do you think they are fillers too? Do you genuinely love doing them? I want to hear all about it down below.


  1. I've never really been one for blog tours - I just can't get myself enthusiastic about them. Still, to each his own, and I know a lot of people do like them.

    Don't worry about not posting that often - we'll still be here when you do!

    Just do what you feel like - enjoy it, or it's not worth it :) <3

    1. Yeah a lot of people do. I guess we're just not one of them. :) Thanks for the support!

  2. I totally agree with you! I used to do blog tours all the time, because I thought it made my blog look popular or whatever, but I just ended being unhappy and reading books that I didn't even want to read. Now I definitely only sign up for book tours that I have already read previous books and really enjoyed or if I know the author, and it's so much better!! Honestly, I love reading reviews that are written by the bloggers themselves; it's much more entertaining and real :).

    1. I'm not alone, yayyyy!!! Yeah honestly it's way better to read reviews that people are actually passionate about.

  3. Yeah, I used to think blog tours were super cool, and after a while, just got so sick of them because I was reading books I hated, and blogging became a chore after a while! Glad you discussed this, Sierra! :)

    1. Yeah. I can see now that pretty much it's a thing for new bloggers. I was glad to discuss it! :D

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