Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Top 5 Wednesday: Top 5 Favorite Fandoms

I love being fandoms! Fandoms make me feel like I am a part of a community and that there are others like me. We get to bond over our ships and just be ourselves. So here are my top 5 favorite fandoms including books, tv shows, movies, etc.

5. Harry Potter

I will always be a part of the Harry Potter fandom, no matter what. I would venture to say that it was the first fandom I ever joined before I even knew what a fandom was. I think everyone is basically a part of this fandom to be honest.

4. Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson is probably the second fandom I joined without really knowing it. This world has been with me since I was in third grade, and I am now in college. Even though I started off really liking Percy, Nico de Angelo and Leo Valdez have become my children and I love them so much.

3. Marve Cinematic Universe

The Marvel fandom is one that sucks you in and never lets you go. The movies are just so interconnected that the fandom has basically become cultlike and you have to keep watching. And boy oh boy the theories that come out of this fandom. I don't think there is another fandom on Earth that pays so much attention to detail and is able to analyze things in such amazing ways.

2. Teen Wolf

For the longest time I refused to watch this show, and then my best friend, Neesha, convinced me to watch it. Now I'm hooked, especially because of the hotness that is Dylan O'Brien. I also really love Derek and Braeden and totally ship them together. Also Stiles is my baby and I will protect him until the very end.

1. Bamon and Bonkai from The Vampire Diaries (TV Show)

*look at how amazing both of these ships are!!!*

So I also refused to watch The Vampire Diaries for the longest time, and then started watching. I stopped watching the show with the latest season however because I didn't like the direction the show was taking. However, there are two ships within the show that I love so much and that I will protect and follow forever because I think they are so perfect. Both of the ships have Bonnie Bennett in them because I love her so much. She is a great character and doesn't deserve the shit she goes through. My first ship is Bonnie and Damon, aka Bamon. I ship them not only as friends but in a relationship capacity as well. I think they have such a great dynamic and chemistry. Next is Kai and Bonnie, a ship that had so much potential, but alas, will never happen. I love Kai, that little sociopath, and I feel like the way he and Bonnie interacted had so much energy and chemistry and a relationship between them would have been my everything.

As you can see, I really love my fandoms and I have so much I could say about them. Are you guys apart of any of these fandoms? If so we should totally talk about them. I'd also love to hear what fandoms you guys are a part of because who knows, I might be a part of them too.

**Also if you want to see more of the fandoms I'm a part of or just fandom related stuff, you should check out my Tumblr,


  1. I'm Marvel all the way. But when it comes to theories, sucking you in, and over-analysing? Well, the word 'Sherlock' comes to mind. As in, 'on a scale of 1 to Sherlock, how crazy is your fandom?' ;)

    1. Oh, I'll agree with you, the Sherlock fandom is definitely grade A when it comes to crazy theories and analyzing things.

  2. Yess Percy Jackson fandom! That community is a group of some of the most funniest people ever.


    1. Ugh this sentence hurts my soul, like you have no idea how much I am anti-Delena. But hey, everyone's entitled to ship who they want to ship. :)

  4. I'd love to be part of the Marvel fandom - I love so many of the movies! But I have no idea where to really start... xD

    1. Hah, you don't 'start' - you just let it consume you entirely (*laughs maniacally*) just do a bunch of internet searches for related boards on pinterest, tumblr blogs etc., become weirdly obsessed by various m/m ships, and sell your soul to Loki - like most fandoms, easy really. ;)

    2. Just start with Iron Man or Hulk and just kind of make your way through the movies until now.

    3. Yeah, becoming a part of the Marvel fandom is insanity and you can't really stop because they keep coming out with movies that you have to watch otherwise all the other movies will confuse you.

  5. The Harry Potter fandom is pretty cool, but the Percy Jackson fandom needs to calm down... The Percy Jackson tag on tumblr is a nightmare lol.

    1. Haha it can get pretty crazy in the Percy Jackson tag. I used to be really involved in that fandom, but I have withdrawn a lot from it because they need to pipe down.


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